Portion Distortion and Using a Nutrition App During Holiday Meals!

This blog post discusses portion distortion and nutrition apps. Why is this important for weight management? Balancing the amount of food you eat with how active you are, maintains your weight. We can compare amounts of food we are actually eating to what is recommended, by using plate methods. My favorites Harvard Healthy Eating Plate and WebMD Healthy Plate, or USDA ChooseMyPlate. Nutrition apps can further breakdown nutrition of a meal.

Holiday meals are coming! Let’s check out a traditional holiday meal. As we can see by this meal, even when choosing smaller portions there are still a lot of calories! So what should we do? I recommend  eating smaller amounts throughout the day, instead of one super large meal at the holiday times.  Or use an app, a great tool to see when calories could be taken away. Example I could use less butter, or skip the ice cream.nutritionix


To figure out the nutrition (calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat) I use Nutritionix.  A free user friendly meal tracker created by registered dietitians. My favorite features about this app is that you can enter the foods in natural language. You can even email your food log, if you are sharing your log with others.Tracking my food intake makes me more aware and keeps me accountable to eat less and stay active.

MyNetDiary is another great app I would highly recommend. Great for tracking both the food intake and activity you have done each day. mynetdiary

As a disclaimer this blog post has not been created to be used as medical advice. Created as an educational tool, to bring awareness of portion sizes. This post is not paid for nor supported by any applications or products mentioned above.


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